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At Matrix Group, our mission is to drive sustainable growth and social prosperity by consistently delivering excellence across all our businesses. We are committed to creating value for our customers, employees, and society at large by providing innovative solutions.


Our vision is to emerge as a prominent global leader, renowned for generating exceptional value through a wide-ranging portfolio of businesses in the energy, chemicals, and polymer sectors.


Our core values define us, emphasizing respect, integrity, and ethical practices while prioritizing safety. With a culture of excellence and teamwork, we aim for outstanding results and collaboration in a secure environment

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Matrix Group

Matrix (Pvt) Limited is the parent company of Matrix Group. It was established in 2006 by a team of professionals with decades of experience in their respective fields and started operations in 2008. The team has strong technical background, excellent market knowledge, good reputation and above all a passion for excellence. It has a vision to have a synergistic business matrix with global outreach. The company has five product divisions viz Fuel Additives, Lubricant Additives, Water Treatment, Polymers and Industrial Chemicals. 

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Matrix (Pvt) Ltd

Established in 2006, Matrix (Pvt) Limited is the flagship company of the group. It is a major supplier of chemicals to the Oil and Gas Industry in Pakistan over the whole value chain from exploration to production to marketing. In partnerships with some leading multinational companies, it has a track record of providing unique solutions for product upgradation resulting in value addition and increased profitability. It enjoys very high credibility and is recognised within the industry as a dependable partner. With five business units - Fuel Additives, Lubricant Additives, Water Treatment, Industrial Chemicals and Polymers - apart from Oil and Gas Industry, it is active across a broad spectrum of industries like Fertilizer, Power Generation, Textile, Packaging, etc. Each business unit is led by an experienced leader assisted by highly competent team. The company differentiates itself with a culture of unmatchable customer service.

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Matrix Chemical Industries (Pvt) Ltd

Matrix Chemical Industries has been a leading producer of Unsaturated Polyester Resins which are used in Glass Fibre Reinforced Composites for wide range of applications like Boats, Pipes, Cooling Towers, Furniture, Sheets etc. The resins are used for Solid Surface Sheets, Buttons and Plywood Coating. The company focusses on high quality resins used in differentiated applications and stands apart from its competitors because of its strong technical knowhow and technical support to the customers in new product development and innovation. After establishing its credibility as a reliable partner for Unsaturated Resins, the company has embarked upon local blending of Polyurethane Systems which are used in Automotives Seats, Sports Goods and Thermal Insulation.

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Matrix Primary Energy Resources (Pvt) Ltd

Keeping in mind the need for affordable, sustainable and reliable energy, Matrix Primary Energy Resources (Pvt) Limited (MPERL) was incorporated in 2021 as the group’s energy business. With a purpose of re-imagining energy and ensuring ‘Security of Energy Supply’ in Pakistan, the company laid the foundation of its first project for supply of LPG to domestic and industrial consumers. Building on three decades of experience of the group in the energy field, the company has a keen insight into the sector and its subsequent industries along with an understanding of customer needs. As the group transforms in step with business opportunities, MPERL envisions expansion by providing reliable and uninterrupted supply of energy products through innovative and customized solutions.

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Matrix Trading Services

With decades of experience in the Chemical Industry and identifying the need for dedicated chemical warehousing equipped for safe handling of chemicals, the group has embarked upon construction of a 28,000 square feet warehouse in Karachi which is expected to be operational in 2023. The warehouse is equipment with fire alarm and firefighting system and is intended to offer services to clients who value HSE and are cognizant of the importance of safe handling and storage of chemicals. The warehouse will have separate area for chemicals which are required to be stored under controlled temperature conditions. The warehouse will also have co-sharing office space for space for companies who wish to depute their own staff to manage the operations.

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Matrix Trading FZE

Considering the importance of UAE as a regional trade hub Matrix Trading FZE has been set up to leverage the knowledge, experience and network to tap into opportunities in Middle East, South Asia and Africa. With an office in SAIF Free Zone, it is intended to expand the footprint to serve the markets in the above regions. Services are already being provided to customers in different countries through local partners.

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Mr. Nasim-uz-Zafar Burney <br><span> Chairman<span>

Mr. Nasim-uz-Zafar Burney

Dr Nadeem Akhtar Burney<br><span> Executive Director<span>

Dr Nadeem Akhtar Burney
Executive Director

Mr. Naeem Burney<br><span> Chief Executive Officer<span>

Mr. Naeem Burney
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Irfan K. Qureshi<br><span> Senior Advisor<span>

Mr. Irfan K. Qureshi
Senior Advisor

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